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What is a terrarium?

A terrarium is literally a piece of garden or a miniature glass garden. A terrarium is a living environment but made artificially, designed to keep flowers and plants and display pets such as reptiles, small mammals, birds and insects.

Terrariums are made in different types and with different dimensions and shapes. Some of them include living terrariums, aquarium terrariums, and garden terrariums.

Terrariums usually consist of a glass or plastic box with a lid, the interior of which is decorated with plants, soil, sand, wood, and rocks. Some terrariums also include a heating and lighting system, which helps maintain suitable living conditions for the animals inside them. Terrariums are one of the most common ways to keep pets and are very attractive and useful for animal lovers and conservationists.

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A sample of terrarium implemented by Fartak


What are the advantages of a terrarium?

Using terrariums has several advantages, including the following:

  • Improving the beauty and interior decoration: Terrariums are one of the most attractive and creative ways to decorate the interior. By using plants and small animals in a terrarium, you can create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere inside your home.
  • Keeping and displaying pets: Terrariums are perfect for keeping pets such as reptiles, small mammals, birds and insects, allowing you to keep these animals alive inside your home.
  • Teaching children: Terrariums are one of the best ways to teach children about nature and wildlife because of their attractive and creative appearance. By keeping animals and plants in terrariums, children can naturally get to know the world around them and be more sensitive to nature.
  • Reduce stress and increase relaxation: Researches have shown that some animals, such as snakes, lizards and other reptiles and birds, naturally help with relaxation and stress. Therefore, keeping animals and plants in terrariums can help reduce stress and increase your relaxation.
  • Care for the environment: By using terrariums, you can help the environment and preserve the natural world. By keeping plants in terrariums, you can help prevent the extinction of plant species. Also, you can help avoid species skepticism by keeping and breeding some pets in terrariums.
  • Creating a new career: Terrariums are an emerging industry and a new career for people interested in plants and animals. You can work in this industry by selling your terrariums and start your own business.
  • Help improving the air: Plants in terrariums can help improve the air quality inside your home. By absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, plants can help reduce air pollution and increase indoor air quality. In short, using terrariums is an attractive and useful way to decorate the interior, keep animals and plants, educate children, reduce stress and increase relaxation, protect the environment, create a new job, and improve indoor air quality.


Important tips on choosing the right plant for a terrarium:

To choose the right plants for the terrarium, the following points could be considered:

  • Proportion of plant size to terrarium volume
  • The tolerance of the plant to the environmental conditions of the terrarium, such as light, humidity, temperature and irrigation
  • The combination of terrarium vegetation with other types of plants
  • The plant's need for light; having enough light is essential for the growth and survival of plants in the terrarium
  • The amount of humidity and ventilation suitable for the growth of plants in the terrarium
  • Compatibility to combine plants with terrarium decoration
  • The most important thing is that the plant you choose for the terrarium must be able to live in the closed and limited conditions of the terrarium.

In general, preparing a terrarium requires precision and attention, and it is better to read and study in this field before starting.


Why is it better to get help from a professional company to build a terrarium?

Using the services of a professional company to build a terrarium can be useful for several reasons:

Experience and knowledge: Professional companies that work in the field of terrarium construction have the necessary experience and knowledge to design and build terrariums. Using the right tools, equipment and materials, they can make and provide you with a high quality and durable terrarium.

Custom design: By choosing a professional company to make a terrarium, you can enjoy a custom design according to your taste. Professional companies allow you to choose the size, shape, type of plants and animals and other details for your terrarium.

High quality: By using the services of a professional company, you can ensure the high quality of your terrarium. Professional companies prepare a durable and beautiful terrarium for you by using quality materials, precise manufacturing process and proper quality control.

After-sales support: Professional companies also provide you with after-sales support. This means that in case of any problem or need for repairs, you can contact the company and use their support services.

In general, enjoying services of a professional company to build you a Terrarium, could help you with saving time, expenses and costs, and optimizing the quality and life of your Terrarium. Moreover, it can help you to know necessary tips and points about the Terrarium to be easily able to manage it and enjoy the beauty and comfort it adds to your living space.


Using large terrariums for stores and public places:

Large and spectacular terrariums, as environments designed to grow plants and animals inside closed environments, are loved by animal enthusiasts and nature lovers. These terrariums are made in natural living type or artificially and are used as elements of aesthetics in stores and workplaces, large buildings, hotels, etc.

Large terrariums are usually made in various sizes and are used outdoors, in gardens, or in larger indoor environments. In the design of large terrariums, different types of plants can be used, including greenhouse plants, succulents and cacti. You can also grow a variety of animals in large terrariums, including fish, reptiles and insects. Overall, large terrariums are a beautiful and natural component that can be used to attract attention, generate oxygen, and maintain balance in the spaces.


Technologies used in store and very large terrariums:

The technologies used in store and very large terrariums may be different depending on the size and type of terrarium. But in general, we can mention some technologies that may be used in the construction and maintenance of large terrariums:

LED Lighting: This technology is used in terrariums to provide light to the plants. High-quality, programmable LEDs help terrarium managers adjust the lighting to their liking for each type of plant.

Intelligent humidity system: In large terrariums, intelligent humidity systems such as automatic irrigation systems, sprinkler systems, etc. are used to maintain plants.

Ventilation systems: In large terrariums, ventilation systems are also used to control the temperature and humidity of the environment. These systems can adjust these parameters automatically using temperature and humidity sensors.

Filtration systems: In large terrariums, filtration systems are also used to refine water and air. These systems usually include carbon filters, UV filters, and other water and air purification equipment.

Automation systems: In some large terrariums, automation systems are used to control and monitor the terrarium environment. These systems can include intelligent controllers, temperature and humidity sensors, closed-circuit cameras and other automation equipment.

Robotic systems: In some large terrariums, robotic systems are also used. These systems are typically used to automate maintenance operations, such as washing glass panels and collecting and discharging waste. Also, in large terrariums, other equipment such as water pumps, CO2 concentration measuring devices, and special lighting equipment may be used. According to the different needs of terrariums, the technologies used may be different.


Examples of terrarium projects designed and implemented by FARTAK