Is there a possibility of insects living in FARTAK Green Wall System due to the density of plants on the wall?

No, due to using no soil in this system and the use of chemical fertilizers in FARTAK Green Wall System no insects meet living condition in that environment.

Can FARTAK Green Wall be implemented in residential environments and does it maintain its durability and beauty?

Yes, it is obvious that the living plant needs maintenance and care and the intelligence of this system has solved that issue.

Can Hydroponics Green Wall considerably help in the recovery of patients in medical environments?

Yes, according to the research conducted in medical environments where urban environmental pollutants are present, vertical green spaces could reduce these pollutants to a great extent. It is worth mentioning that, other research has been conducted in this regard that indicates green spaces in Hospital environments are also very effective in terms of mental health, which makes it a very suitable choice for mental treatment environments.

Considering the shortage of water resources in the country, is the construction of FARTAK Green Walls justified?

Since environmental conditions are subject to constant change, they are divided into two categories: Indoor and outdoor spaces.

Very hot outdoor space such as the Gulf regions in the country consume 15 liters of water per square meter every day, and in the northern and central parts of the country, this amount is reduced and is around 10 liters per square meter per day.

Are there any restrictions on planting different types of plants in the hydroponic system?

No, more than 50 types of plant varieties can be selected for interior green walls and over 100 species of plants in exterior green walls according to the clients’ taste.