About Us

FARTAK Group started the activity in the areas of design and implementation of architectural projects in various styles – classical, neoclassical, modern, etc. – since 1398 (2019-2020) and so far has completed over 100 projects inside and outside Iran.

FARTAK Architecture Group is the first and largest design and implementation group in the field of green architecture in Iran. It intends to share its expertise, cooperate, and collaborate with other colleagues in the same area in order to expand its activities; hoping that together we can take a step towards improving the quality and conditions of the building structures in our country.

Having into account further trace of human beings in destruction of green natural resources and creation of a new space for beautification of urban areas and architectural plans and designs, in the year 1392 (2013-2014), FARTAK Group entered the area of learning about and expanding the green architecture in Iran. Enjoying world novel technologies of the day as well as researches and scientific essays and professional experts in the areas of aesthetics, architecture, agricultural engineering and gardening, health and medicine, neurology and cognitive sciences, FARTAK started a serious new activity in line with professional design and implementation of green walls and roof garden projects and also unique professional design of the green landscapes. It also worked on a project to fulfill the results of researches on the fruitful impacts of plants and nature on the physical and mental health of human beings and the feasibility of this type of architecture for both architects and employers in a significant way and also took a step to revive the green presence of nature in the city of Tehran and the entire country of Iran. So that, with the help and support of all the people, other colleagues and enthusiasts in this area, we can make our cities and towns to better places for living and in that path, FARTAK Architecture Group would make any contribution and welcomes all interested groups and individuals warmly.

Therefore, due to elevation of culture and recognition of the society towards green architecture, we intend to take a huge step towards expansion and development of green architecture in the urban structure with the support of people, authorities, constructors, especially architects from throughout the country.

To reach that aim, FARTAK Group, offers special conditions for extending it collaboration with you dear colleagues and hopes that together we could have the honor to divest of the increasing expansion of industries and destruction of nature and to create a brighter future with better and healthier life for all of us.

And today, we are proud that with the help of you and other colleagues, FARTAK Group, with over 10 years of experience in designing and implementing all kinds of architectural projects, has been recognized as the first and largest designer, executive and leader in the field of green architecture development and research in Iran. We have the opportunity to share this notable progress with you and we invite you as a friend and colleague to join each other in this path.

We need plants to live better and longer and today that need is among the basic human needs for survival.