Implementation of Roof Garden


A green roof is a living ecosystem which provides the ability to grow plants and create different usages on the roof of buildings in urban environment. A green space with a very different perspective from other urban green spaces and with private usage, which brings about several positive effects such as improving air quality, reducing the volume of surface waters, reducing urban thermal impacts, creating temperature balance in internal and external environments, increasing the lifespan of the buildings, and decreasing the effects of dense development. A roof garden is a natural habitat that could be an alternative environment for lost green spaces as a result of today's life styles.

Green Façade:

At first glance, the facade of a building is the most important factor in visual appeal and expresses the quality of construction, the architectural view, and the style and context of a project.

Today, with being high-tech the trend of the day and the growth of urban spaces and modernization, architectural styles have also moved towards modernization and minimalism. In FARTAK Group point of view and considering modern architecture in urban spaces, the green wall could be a great suggestion and option. To be combined with other materials in the facade of residential, office and commercial buildings.

A green space with recreational, administrative, and commercial usage; far from conventional!